The best reason.



COILTEC acts providently and future-oriented
COILTEC owns an exceptionally large machinery pool

That's why COILTEC is able
• to buy machines in times of economic decline and over-capacities in production
• to overhaul the machines at the right time
• and finally to offer the machines to the market at times of upward business trends

That's how COILTEC enables its customers to compensate for business fluctuations in different areas so that market trends can be successfully followed with a minimum of investment risk.

The qualified COILTEC-Team has had many years of international experience in this dynamic, worldwide business - that's our guarantee for quality, reliability and service.

There is a good reason why COILTEC relies on its business policy offering the complete range of service connected with your provision of machines. We offer our expertise from disassembling to modernization and reassembling. You can rest assured that all you need for a prompt and reliable use of machines is offered by one single company - COILTEC.

Our know-how is unique. Take befenit from our expertise and competence in consulting - and secure long-lasting success in your business.